Thursday, 2 January 2014

Pure Malay Ayam Serama in Bulgaria

On December 31 (New Year's Eve) was hatched the new chickens Malaysian Serama - The second part of my program for selection and development of pure Malay Ayam Serama in Bulgaria. Beautiful, viable chickens from 4 different best bloodlines of my friends, from that distant country.

I've started my program for selection and development of pure Malaysian Ayam Serama in Bulgaria on the spring of this year (March 21, 2013 - the eve of the spring) with 3 bloodlines pure Malay birds. Their first generation (F1) has come into production and coming soon F2.

Here in my blog I will share the wonderful moments of my joy in rearing magnificent Malay Ayam Serama, as well as photos and videos of the best birds.

Here's happy chicks from my new lines on day 1:

pure malaysian Serama, Malaysian Serama in Europe, Pure Malay Serama in Europe!

And some fathers in their country:
/malaysian serama rooster - father of my new malay serama chicks/
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