Malaysian Serama Video

Lovely Leo's sons :)

Aramas Junior - one of my favorite Malay Serama roosters with his family!

My young Malaysian Serama pullet - 3th generation in Bulgaria! 

My Malaysian Serama pullet, only 3 months, but very promising!

3th generation in Bulgaria! 

My lovely malaysian Serama pullet - Miss Subang! 

She love to flicker her neck - tremor - very active and pulled head pullet.

Malaysian Serama young pair - 2 and a half months!

Here is my malaysian Serama rooster Leo is already 11 months. 

Soon he will have his first birthday. 

He already has new leggy malaysian lady in addition to Malay Miss Jakarta!

Malay serama - Leo & sons

My lovely Malay ayam Serama LEO is now 10 months.

Video together with his sons at the age 4-5 months.

Leo really has very elegant gait. He walk always flashy and on tiptoe 30"-1'05"

Likes to march, slowly lift his legs to your chest and slowly stepped. 1'10"-1"25"

Malaysian Serama chikens - Cindy & Dodi (45 day)

 Malaysian Serama chicks 1 day

My Happy New Year gift arrived early!With great support from my friends Zam and Rosman from KL - lovely new babies Ayam Serama! 

Thanks a lot friends!

Malaysian Serama - LEO 8 months

Malay Serama - Young LEO (3 1/2 months)

My young Leo - Ayam Serama Cockerel. 
Beautiful long legs, upright posture, long neck began to pull back!
Good angle of the tail, perfect triangular tail. 
Still only of 3 and a half months.
In pending his development!

Malay Serama - Young pair Goldy & Nancy (5 months)

My favourite Ayam Serama pair - only 5 months of age. 
I have already got the first fertilized eggs from them and chicks coming soon!

Malaysian Serama roosters - Goldy & Leo

My favorite young boys - Goldy and Leo. 
They are only 5 months of age, ayam Serama cockerels!

Malay Serama - Young pullet Nancy laying egg (30sec)

This is my young Ayam Serama hen Nancy, in the moment of laying her fifth egg! 
I noticed that he has the exact regime of laying - every second day, immediately after walking in the garden, in the evening!

Malaysian Serama chikens - happiness in the garden!

My first Ayam Serama are already at 6 weeks. 
They are very friendly and peaceful.
They love free walk in the garden!

Malaysia Serama - young cockerels!

My favorite Ayam Serama boys. Now they are only 2 months, but very active! 
Cockerels are already separated from their girlfriends - Ayam Serama Pullets. 
All of them have very long legs and very nice necks. 
They have already started receiving an extreme body shape! 

Amin JKT Cup Jakarta - Bulgarian Jockey

This is my participation in most prestigious Contest Amin JKT Cup in Jakarta, Indonesia! 
The rooster BG is named after my country Bulgaria.
Me and BG wins the prestigious 7th place! 

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