Malaysian Serama for sale

Malaysian Serama for sale - I have available for sale several malaysian Serama - young and breeding birds - roosters and pullets from my 3 Malaysian blood line 2013!

I already breed and make selection of 6 different Malay bloodlines Serama!
3 of those Malay bloodlines Serama I breed from the spring of 2013 and 3 new malaysian lines since the beginning of 2014!

For more information, please make contact to me -

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and the movement of birds in other countries of the European Union is with dressed procedure!

The parents - Leo's family!

The parents - Aramas Junior's family!

Malaysian Serama for sale - Emo, Emil from Bulgaria

 Malaysian Seramas for sale
 Malaysian Serama hatching eggs - not for sale!
Malaysian Seramas for sale!

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  1. Excelent examples

  2. super ! I want too.

    1. Hello :) Please contact to me by e-mail

  3. How much for 1 pair serama red color pls reply me to my email:

  4. Do you still have any of these for sale? If so do you ship to Oklahoma?

  5. Hello, would like to buy a male and a female for my mom. Please email me Thank you.

  6. Hello,I am interested in your birds,do you ship to Wisconsin?You can email me at You!

  7. Were are u located and whats the price on the seramas?

  8. Were are u located and whats the price on the seramas?

  9. I would like to purchase two pairs of seramas. Contact me at